Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Day in New York City

 My husband and I recently had the opportunity to visit the great city of New York, or as many people know it, The Big Apple. We were fortunate enough to attend a three day music festival, The Governors Ball, which might I add is one of the most bad ass events a rock fan like my self can attend. Since we were mostly attending the concert, our trip didn't afford us much time to explore. The one free day we did have, we visited the majestic Central Park. Located in the heart of the city, this gorgeous arrangement of forest, lake, and man made structures, are almost a sanctuary to those within the city. There I experienced one of the most romantic, and peaceful strolls I've ever had. We were surrounded by nature, art, and and array of sounds in the center of this beautiful place, which gave the day a surreal feeling I hope to remember for years to come.

Under this bridge were two musicians playing they're saxophones to some real deal NYC jazz. It was a privilege to stand there and admire their talent.

This little number by Lenni was my choice for an adventurous day in the city. The cut, pattern, and colors are absolutely gorg! The sleeves and ruffled neck give it a classic look that is so city girl.  The boots were a perfect accent to offset the feminism of the dress. 

 This had to be my favorite moment of that day. At a jaw dropping 102nd floor on the famous Empire State Building I was able to see all of New York. From this point I could tell that this is a city that shines day or night! 

^My husband: Mr. Olano^

I love New York! Cheers!

Dress: Lenni (Same cut different pattern)
Boots: Aldo (similar here & here)
Hat: O'Neill
Rings: (Found this cute set at Top Shop)

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