Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sao Paulo

Hey there Sea LA here! So it's been a minute since I've posted due to traveling and a few projects I've been working on, but breaks over. I have a collection of photos from some of the places I've been exploring, and will be sharing them here through out the week.

What can I say about Sao Paulo, Brasil… only that it's a city filled with so much energy! People in SP are constantly on the move. The streets are bustling with people night and day. One thing I didn't expect was the drop in temperature. I had packed for warm climates and sunny skies, but SP wasn't much of a warm city. Three of the five days I was there it rained, however, that didn't stop me from rocking this Brasil inspired outfit. 

When it comes to Brasil, some of the things that come to mind are the amazing wild plant life that fills this beautiful country. That is where I derived incentive for these high waisted shorts… but of course I added my own twist with my love for studded spikes. 

This shoot was taken at our stay in this beautiful deco apartment in Sao Paulo. Those Brazilians really take their art seriously. I truly feel that I left a little piece of my heart in this magical place. Till next time. Cheers!

Top: Forever 21 (this one is hot)
Shorts: Mine (love these)
Camera bag: Rebecca Minkoff (here's a plum and beige version)
Oxfords: Blowfish (similar here and here)

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