Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Recently I went on a quick road trip to Las Vegas with family and friends, and had a blast! The fun thing about road trips is the bonding you get to do on the long drive. Of course my main topic of conversation was fashion, and my profound love for it. Sigh.... 

While on the topic, for this trip I wore these incredible Zara shorts. They were the ideal choice for this sort of desert trip. The flexible fabric, and length were perfect for the temperatures ahead. With the shorts, I wore a sheer knitted crop top, but if you'd like to add more summer to this look you can just swap the top for a pink one, or even a red one will do. 

Chunky gold accessories are my favorite! I kept the theme rolling by even wearing gold oxfords. Even though some say less is more, sometimes, more is best, especially in Vegas!

What do you fashionistas like to wear on road trips? Do you go comfy? Or picture ready? Till next time guys and dolls. Cheers!

Shorts: Zara
Top: Angl
Sunglasses: PacSun
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Watch: Michael Kors

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