Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Flower Child

Hey everyone! So I was driving through the Topanga Canyons with a friend, whom is an amazing photographer, in search of a place to capture this rad outfit. As we drove he spotted this beautiful hidden piece of art in what seemed to be the ruins of a demolished house. As you can see it is Buddha meditating. It was perfect for the flared pants I was wearing, and zen mood I was in. 

I used a mixture of rustic accessories to mesh with this cozy faux fur vest from ZARA.

I must admit I felt very vintage, reminiscent of the 60's and 70's era where bell bottoms were all the rage. This trend is making a come back here in Los Angeles, and I was so excited to see this pair at Brandy Melville. They also have them in black. So if you're feeling groovy give them a try!

Well, in the spirit of Thanksgiving I want to thank all of you for following my posts and inspiring me to continue sharing this passion of mine. May all of you have an incredible Thanksgiving with whom ever you decide to share it with. Cheers!

Vest: ZARA
Bell Bottoms: Brandy Melville
Sun Glasses: Urban Outfitters
Mesh Sweater/Elephant Neck Charm: Forever 21
Photography by: Louie Heredia

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